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Jane Doe

dispensing bad advice, really. so you decide my post is bad advice pointing the OP to the correct place to ask for advice on a mouse.

the header of the gaming thread where we are posting now says ”

Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)

Talk about games and mobile graphics cards here.

the header of the link i posted in my first post says ”


Mice, backpacks and other external peripherals forum.

so i am pointing the OP to the correct place to post where he would get more replies instead of stupid of topic posts like ours. sorry i meant yours but then of course i have every right to reply.
i hold my hands up and must say it should have read “you need to post this in the accessories sub thread where you will get more replies” but as i was at work and just typing it out i had an emergency crash call (heart attack) so i just hit post quickly and left my computer to try and help save someones life. think that took priority.

so my sig is advertising is it. in a way yes, and in a way no.
i buy a computer so i show what computer i have which is what a signature is for.
oh look, so do you.

everything else in my sig is to help other forum members ie. monitoring, free burning and nvidia graphics.

so a simple question before we go back on topic is

whats your problem?

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