About Us


The Move

Granite Kitchen Concepts, moved from Phoenix Arizona to Prescott Arizona in 2011. Based on all the positives that Prescott offered for a young family, Arsen sold his very well established granite company that he successfully operated for over ten years, and he moved his entire family to Prescott and established Granite Kitchen Concepts located at 303 No. Summit Ave, the northwest corner of Summit and Sheldon.

The Start

Our successful start was noted in the daily courier. Right after I set up the shop which took me four months to do by myself, doing the job of a heavy rigger, Electrician, and plumber. The equipment uses three phase 680V power, and water and airlines are necessary.

The beginning of a ten year dream

This day marked the beginning of my 10 year dream, from day one I always thought that one day, just one day we can start to import our Granite Slabs directly from around the world, now that this dream is real, all of our customers enjoy the benefit of selecting their next beautiful countertops right from our inventory.

Our Equipment

Granite Kitchen Concepts uses state of the art American made machinery, by Park Industries, the leader in heavy duty granite fabrication machinery.

We have over $200,000 worth of heavy duty granite fabrication machines that are fully paid for, and that is what makes it possible for us to meet the most demanding schedules that our valued customers might require of us.

Park Industries Yukon is a high speed automated diamond saw. This stone saw is a fabricator’s dream, with remote and touch screen controls up to 24 inch saw blades, tilt and turn table, and a laser guide projected onto the material.

Park Industries machines produce edges more efficiently, accurately, and provide greater flexibility to our customers when choosing edge profiles.

The Company You Can Trust

We are your one-stop shopping center for anything to do with granite or other natural stone. We professionally fabricate and install all of our work. Commercial or residential.

Visit our showroom and be amazed with our wide array and range of granite to choose from. At Granite Kitchen Concepts we take care in providing our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

All of our team members are professional, courteous and they are always happy to help with answers to the many questions that come up during the selection process of the right stone for our customers’ applications.

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